Sessional Address.

Sessional Address.

Hon. Presiding Member, Hon. Member of Parliament, Municipal Co-ordinating Director, Hon. Assembly Members, Nii Mei, Naa Mei, Heads of Department and Units, Heads of Security Commands, Heads and Leaders of the Business Community, Staff of the Secretariat, Members of the Zonal Councils, Leadership of Youth Groups and Associations, The Press, Distinguished Invited Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen;

I am glad to be here with you again in this august house, the General Assembly of the Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Assembly, to deliver for the third time, the pleasant duty of fulfilling my legal mandate as enshrined in the Local Governance Act (ACT 936 ) of 2016, by addressing Honorable Members, Staff and relevant bodies, on the state of the Municipality.

Hon Presiding Member, this is the time where we take stock of our achievements and challenges in the previous year as well as making known our plans and policies for the ensuing year.

Hon. Presiding Member, on this note, I hope the house would bear with me, as I have a lot to say and I may take quite some time.

This sessional address will highlight the following areas for your information and deliberation. The areas include:

Finances of the Assembly Progress Report on Physical Projects and Roads State of implementation of Government Policies and Social Intervention Programs Other Key Development Initiatives by the Assembly Report of the Executive Committee.


Hon. Presiding Member, the essence of decentralization and the creation of District Assemblies is to allow for enough revenue mobilization at the local level Compressor 25L to embark on developmental projects to meet the plans, needs and aspirations of the people at the grassroots.

Money is the lifeblood of every organization, and for that matter, as an Assembly, it is incumbent on us to mobilize enough funds to provide the amenities needed to raise the living conditions of our inhabitants.

Hon. Presiding Member, I will therefore emphasize on the various sources of finance available to the Assembly as at date, and these include the Internally Generated Fund (IGF), District Assemblies Common Fund (DACF), District Development Fund (DDF) grants.

Hon.% 20Presiding% 20Member,% 20the% 20total% 20revenue% 20generated% 20as% 20at% 2031st% 20December,% 202018% 20tod% 20at% 20Sixteen% 20Million,% 20Eight% 20Hundred% 20and% 20Thirty-Six% 20Thousand,% 20Four % 20Hundred% 20and% 20Ninety-Eight% 20Ghana% 20Cedis,% 20Twenty-Four% 20Pesewas% 20 (GH% C2% A216,836,498.24)% 20representing% 2083.49 %% 20of% 20the% 20annual% 20budgeted% 20Revenue% 20of% 20Gh% C2% A220,165,890.20.

Actual% 20Expenditure% 20for% 20the% 20same% 20period% 20amounted% 20to% 20Seventeen% 20Million,% 20One% 20Hundred% 20and% 20Ninety-Two% 20Thousand,% 20Five% 20Hundred% 20and% 20Thirty% 20Ghana% 20Cedis,% 20Seventy-Eight % 20Pesewas% 20 (GH% C2% A217,192,530.78)% 20representing% 2085.26 %% 20of% 20budgeted% 20figure% 20of% 20GH% C2% A220,165,890.20.

The table below gives an analysis of the revenue and expenditure for the period ending 31st December 2018.

Table 1 .0. Analysis of Revenue and Expenditure.

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