Arab perfumes: composition, Arab perfume brands, rating of the best perfumes.

Arab perfumes: composition, Arab perfume brands, rating of the best perfumes.

Recently, a real revolution has been observed in the perfume industry: thousands of new fragrances are entering the market, innovative formulas with synthetic molecules are gaining insane popularity. But most importantly, there is an obvious redistribution of forces. So, if ten years ago France was considered the main supplier of toilet water, today several countries, including the UAE, are ready to compete with it.

Next, we try to understand what is the originality and exclusivity of elite perfumery from the Arab Emirates and why it is worth buying it.


The key difference between exquisite selective perfumes and products from the mass market is the presence of a certain structure. In accordance with classic perfumery rules and canons, it includes top, heart and base notes. Gradually replacing each other throughout the day, they provide depth and versatility to the scent.

Top note.

The initial accents are felt immediately after spraying, making up the first impression of the perfume. Composed of light volatile compounds, they last for 10-20 minutes and then evaporate, giving way to more sensual and soulful middle chords.

The most commonly used top notes are citrus and herbal oils. Invigorating and refreshing, they charge you with positive energy and give you a wonderful mood.

Heart note in Arabian perfumery, oriental perfume fragrances.

Heart shades are the character of the perfume. Dominating the rest of the accents, they unfold especially long and smoothly, and remain stable for 12 hours. They are dense concentrated substances that slowly evaporate. As a rule, the ingredients are used:

essential oils of noble garden flowers; vegetable pomace; natural juices of ripe and juicy fruits.

Mixing with each other, the components form a holistic and harmonious composition, sparkling with the most melodic and sonorous overflows.

Base note.

The last to come into play are the base or base notes, which will not change until the fragrance wears off completely. It is they who make up the trail of perfume – the smell that is heard at a distance is considered the most stable. Typically, it contains up to six low evaporation components.

Most often, perfumers use: pomace of noble wood, animal extracts (musk, sandalwood, etc.), as well as oriental spices.

In oil perfumery, the musical triad reveals itself especially fully and colorfully. Replete with the most wondrous undertones and overflows, it is a true work of art.

Composition of concentrated arabic oil perfumes.

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